All-Humans-Are-Artists Movement

Kazim Abasali – The Empowering Artist in 2013 created the
“Empower with Art” Compassionate All-Humans-Are-Artists Movement

“Every human is artistic in the work, service, they produce”

“All of us creative beings, are touched, moved, and empowered in our work and service we produce with compassion for one another”

“Empowering The Artist in You”

“The empowered artist in you, the artist that is you”

“Continuing to empower the artist in you and others, around the world”

In early 2014 Kazim released the “Empowering The Artist in You” ebook. This was a follow-up to the “Empower with Art” Compassionate All-Humans-Are-Artists Movement.
Empowering The Artist in YouFree eBook “Empowering The Artist in You”

Empowerment – What it is to Empower?

  • allow, entitle, encourage; equip, endow, enable, supply, give qualities or abilities to;
  • render capable or able for some task;
  • to promote the self-actualization or influence by inspiring;
  • emancipate, give means to, enfranchise, empowering by means of education;

Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, social, educational, and economic strength of individuals and communities.

Empowerment also includes encouraging, and developing the skills for self-sufficiency. The process is to start and to implement as you go along, then it becomes effective.
Self-sufficiency is becoming, being able, or depending on oneself, instead of being on charity, or welfare. Self-confidence grows because one becomes fully self-supporting. The opportunities created by oneself garners a pride of accomplishment since one can develop for oneself.

Strategies that cause changes, which can profoundly, directly, and positively impact communities. One can then take responsibility and credit for the success of projects and the consequences.

Empowerment occurs through the improvement of our conditions, and our global perspective of life.