Life’s Work: Chapter 12

Life’s Work: Chapter 12 – Swedish Residence Sought

Kazim left Sweden early November and came to New Jersey, USA to apply for Swedish residence status. Besides attending to these personal matters, he continued his life’s work and supporting others.

The Dennis Hicks Group

One such person whom Kazim applied his multimedia skills as a graphic artist and website/blog developer for – is Dennis Hicks, the founder and president of DeHix, an organization currently operating internationally. DeHix is affiliated with various corporations, not-for-profit organizations, universities, social services, religious entities, and governments – nationally and internationally.

DeHix’s mission is to ensure that the world commits itself to the development of every human being to the fullest of his or her abilities so that the ultimate purpose of creation will be fulfilled. Having said that, their focus is to enhance the lives of the needy through education, together with personal and social guidance to brighten the sad eyes that cry for hope. Programs exist to Eradicate Poverty, Change Negative Behaviors and Educate All.

For more information, and to support their efforts in any way, kindly visit DeHix’s website/blog
The Dennis Hicks Group

Compassionate All-Humans-Are-Artists Movement

In addition, for many months Kazim had been working on a video to share his –
The Empowering Artist’s mission.
And on the night of 24th December, 2013 (Christmas Eve), he completed this project project.

Compassionate All-Humans-Are-Artists Movement

“Empowering The Artist in You”

Kazim then turned his attention to creating an eBook “Empowering The Artist in You”.
And on the night of 31st December, 2013 (New Years Eve), Kazim started offering this free eBook as a Gift to all.
“Empowering The Artist in You” serves Kazim mission for 2014 to continue promoting Personal Empowerment Transformation, and to inspire A Collective Global Conscience.

Empowering The Artist in You
Get your copy of this Free eBook “Empowering The Artist in You”
Free eBook “Empowering The Artist in You”

Swedish Residence

Kazim was granted temporary residence in Sweden. So in February, 2014 he departed the USA and travelled back to Nynashamn, Sweden to live with his wife Angela. Here are some occassions of Swedish life he documented.

Indoor Container Garden in Sweden

On Saturday, 22nd March, 2014 I attended a Garden Exhibition/Show in Sweden to learn more of their indoor container gardening. I was guided by Pim at Stadsodling Stockholm booth. Here are some photos:

Sweden 22March2014 Sweden 22March2014 5
Sweden 22March2014 4 Sweden 22March2014 3
Sweden 22March2014 2 Sweden 22March2014 6
Sweden 22March2014 8 Sweden 22March2014 7

And you can visit their website Stadsodling Stockholm

and join them on Facebook also Stadsodling Stockholm Facebook Group

Easter April 21st, 2014 Ringvägen I Nynäshamn


Some of my young artistic friends in Nynashamn


Nynashamn Beauty

P1050395 72x700 w cr
P1050654 72x700 w cr
P1050656 72x700 w cr
P1050762 72x700 w cr
P1060045 72x700 w cr

Vår – Spring – Flower Planting

Our Nynashamn Swedish neighbourhood yearly spring flower-planting.
P1050829 var w cr
P1050835 72x700 w cw
P1050887 var 72x700 w cw
P1050908 var 72x700 w cw
P1050919 var 72x700 w cw

Swedes National Day 6 June

Swedes celebrate their National Day on 6 June in honour of two historical events. On 6 June 1523, Gustav Vasa was elected king, and on the same date in 1809, the country adopted a new constitution. Not known for displaying their national pride, this day offers a rare chance to see Swedes waving their flag about.

So together with my Swedish wife Angela and friends we attended the national day celebrations in our home town of Nynashamn where we presently reside. Here are some photos of the event 6th June, 2014

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 1

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 2

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 3

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 4

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 5

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 6

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 7

Sweden National Day 6 June 2014 8

Sweden’s Mid-Summer Eve – Midsommar Afton

Another Big Event in Swedish Culture and Traditions. I took photos of the celebrations in my wife’s and my residence town of Nynashamn – June 21st, 2014.

Mid-Summer Eve 1

Mid-Summer Eve 2

Mid-Summer Eve 3

Mid-Summer Eve 4

Mid-Summer Eve 5

Mid-Summer Eve 6

Mid-Summer Eve 7

Mid-Summer Eve 8

Mid-Summer Eve 9

Mid-Summer Eve 10

Mid-Summer Eve 11

Mid-Summer Eve 12

Mid-Summer Eve 13

Mid-Summer Eve 14

IMAG0643 72x700 w cw

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