Life’s Work: Chapter 2

Kazim Abasali Life’s Work: Chapter 2 – In Pursuit of Higher Learning – Brooklyn, New York, and Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
Map showing New YorkKazim migrated to Brooklyn, New York, USA in 1990. He continued his studies in electronic engineering technology and electronic music technology through correspondence schooling. Kazim was very passionate about computers and music. He joined SIGs – Special Interest Groups to network with new-found friends in New York. He also attended meetings of the New York Songwriters Guild.

Kazim Abasali photo in New YorkHe also went to school in Manhattan, New York, and studied Chinese Medicine – the healing nature of herbs and acupressure. It was during this period that Kazim did extensive research on our impact on the environment, global warming, recycling, alternative energies like solar, wind, and hydro, and the sustainability of green living. To support himself, he developed and perform handyman skills.


Map of Arizona, USAIn 1995 he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, furthering his love for music, computers and songwriting. Kazim continued his songwriting and sang at spiritual group circles, and at Unity Church. It was then that he was inspired by fractal art and became immediately transformed by its beauty and developed his own style. For the next five years in Phoenix, Arizona, he immersed himself in his artistic passions.
Kazim Abasali photo in Phoenix, ArizonaDuring the course of this time Kazim became a full-fledged multimedia artist. Involved in projects such as website design & development; video & music productions; photo tribute slideshows; documentary photo journalism; desktop publishing; archiving, database & file management; and digital art creations. To support himself fully, Kazim also did handyman work, landscaping, pet-sitting, and even had a very short stint in real estate sales.

Kazim Abasali George Roundy Hunger Project photo
From 1995 to 2000, Kazim served the community of Phoenix, Arizona through his church affiliation with Unity of Phoenix. In 2002, together with his friend George Roundy, they founded two non-profit organizations in Phoenix: Universal Resource Sharing and Transform Hunger Alliance, to address the issue of world hunger and the sharing of our resources to attend to this situation. That year, together in a core team of ten individuals, they help raise close to $100,000 US for The Hunger Project. The Hunger Project is an organization that empowers inhabitants in different countries in the world to be self reliant.

In 2001, Kazim revisited New York, an while there an older brother died back home in Arima, Trinidad. It was an opportunity for him to visit family and friends back home, after a decade away, which he did. While there, Kazim heard family and friends give their memories of his recently departed brother’s life. He soon returned to New York spending a few months. And as fate would have it, he left for Phoenix, Arizona, two weeks before 9/11.

George HarrisonBack in Phoenix, a most beloved friend was again undergoing surgery for cancer. Accompanying his friend to the hospital, and while in the hospital waiting room, Kazim came upon a magazine which shared an article on one of ‘The Beatles’, who had just recently passed on in November 2001. The magazine article detailed the life of George Harrison.

He equated this life story of George Harrison, to the memories shared by others, of his recent departed brother. He soon realized that this is our legacy. What we leave behind, in terms of how we affect other people’s lives, for good or otherwise. And how it is related by others, in the form of casual stories, anecdotes, jokes, or, as in George Harrison case – articles, documentaries of his life story.

This made Kazim think, and he wondered how his life was affecting others now, and when he too died, how would his life be reviewed by others. In other words, “What legacy was I leaving behind?” And as he described it “What is my earthly life’s work?” – Thus Kazim sought to give account for his life.

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