Life’s Work: Chapter 9

Life’s Work: Chapter 9: Hear my prayer, O Lord !

“Hear my prayer, O Lord,
And let my cry for help come to You.
Do not hide Your face from me
when I am in distress.
Turn your ear to me,
when I call, answer me speedily.”

Psalm 102:1-2

So, for the latter part of 2011, Kazim continued using his skills with other organizations supporting their work. He also created a video tribute for a close friend’s birthday, involving lots of photo and video editing.

Kazim becomes a USA citizen, then suffers stroke

Then in 2012, Kazim would go on to apply and become a United States of America citizen. Two months later, June 2012, he would suffer a stroke on the right side of his body. This happened in Brooklyn, New York, USA. For months Kazim did stroke therapy and rehabilitation. A lot of other health-related issues would ensue, as he fought to stay alive.

Stroke Hospital Brooklyn, New York 1 by Kazim Abasali – The Empowering ARTist.Brooklyn, New York hospital, Kazim (seated infront), with sisters Camille (left standing), Asheera (right standing), and nephew Ben. His two sisters by the Grace of God saved his life with their constant support. His nephew Ben, a pilot, would help with travel.

Also, during this time, Hurricane Sandy  struck the region in late October, 2012. Kazim was affected as was countless others. There was no electricity for days as it was now approaching winter. However, Kazim looks at things as all relative. Many people experiences were a lot worse, even loss of lives occurred.  And rebuilding is still taking place. Kazim would go through a host of health issues with this stroke. However, he slowly began to walk and use his right side as time went by. This was due to his faith in God, constant prayers, family and friends support – His sisters, and a friend – Carol Andrews, he forever thanks and appreciates dearly.

Kazim’s Girlfriend’s Swedish Care

His girlfriend would come to Brooklyn, New York, and take him to Sweden where as a professional massage therapist, she would continue nursing him back to health. While his recuperation was taking place, Kazim was making use of his body and mind and his computer skills to continue his life’s purpose. Kazim took this opportunity to develop more computer skills online. Again, he looked for ways he could assist the Swedish community, with his developed computer skills.

Getting To Know Sweden & Health Recovery

Nynashamn, Sweden 1 by Kazim Abasali – The Empowering ARTist.

Kazim in Nynashamn, Sweden Christmas December 22, 2012


Modern Contemporary Abstract Art

As an artist, Kazim sought to share about Modern Contemporary Abstract Art, since he is a digital and fractal artist. He embarked on a plan to produced videos to show the major artists and some their creations during their era. Here are two such videos he was able to finish produced and published.

Modern Contemporary Abstract Art by Kazim Abasali – the Empowering ARTist. Published on 29th March, 2013.

Modern Art by Kazim Abasali – the Empowering ARTist. Published on 10th April, 2013.

The Word of God by Kazim Abasali – the Empowering ARTist. Published on 10th April, 2013.
Kazim also developed and produced this video based on the Word of God.

Pingstkyrkan, Nynashamn, Sweden

Nynashamn, Sweden 2 by Kazim Abasali – The Empowering ARTist.Kazim (left) researched and located Evangelist Tobias Silva Tahvanainen (right).

Evangelist Tobias Silva Tahvanainen through his Mission Gate Outreach Missions Porten serves his community by seeking out the homeless and tending to their needs. A Monday luncheon is open so church and community members can meet and share with the less fortunate. Kazim has been supporting Evangelist Tobias with spreading the word with photos taken. Kazim also recorded Evangelist Tobias and created videos.


Nynäshamns Pingstkyrka May 8th, 2013

Evangelist Tobias Silva Tahvanainen singing a live excerpt from his song “Change My Heart Oh Lord, Make me more like You” during one of the Monday Luncheon. This was recorded by Kazim and uploaded on 1st May, 2013.

Evangelist Tobias Silva Tahvanainen performing the song Rude Cruz – (A Mensagem da Cruz); The Old Rugged Cross. This was recorded by Kazim and Published on 13th June, 2013. Kazim did an extensive recording session with Evangelist Tobias, the outcome of which will be touched upon in the next chapter.

Life University, Sweden

Before Kazim came to Sweden, he was in communication with this Life University group. Life University centers on working for, and provides classes and workshops on Eco Humanity, nature, and culture.. And he visited them in Väddö, Stockholms Län, Sweden.

Life University, Sweden 1 by Kazim Abasali – The Empowering ARTist.

With Lena Kristina Tuulse and Carina Widlund. May 4th, 2013

Here Kazim (center) with Lena Kristina Tuulse (left) Owner and Founder of Life University,and Carina Widlund (right) Director of Life University, in Väddö, Stockholms Län, Sweden.

Life University, Sweden 2 by Kazim Abasali – The Empowering ARTist.

Life University, in Väddö, Stockholms Län, Sweden. May 4th, 2013

Picnic time after preparation for the Life University Summer classes and workshops,
in Väddö, Stockholms Län, Sweden.

Kazim visits Holland 16th-22nd May 2013


Kazim with Angela, Narda (his sister), Diego (Narda’s son), and Jane (Diego’s girlfriend)


Sjer, Angela, Narda, Jane, Diego.

Kazim visits Dubai May 28th, 2013


The Burj Khalifa


Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai


Ben, Lise. Derek. and Kazim


Derek Khan and myself

Kazim’s visit to Dubai was a gift made possible by his nephew Ben and his wife Lise shown on the left above. The other person is Derek Khan – the Fashion Stylist to the Stars – who is a Consultant to the Fashion Industry in Dubai. Kazim designed and developed Derek’s initial website.

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