Religious Christian Art

Religious Christian Art Empowerment

In order to continue to empower Kazim creates his art with many Religious Christian themes. He evens produces videos with religious, christian verses to serve to uplift, comfort, and provide empowerment.

He has made everything beautiful - Empower with Art by Kazim Abasali - The Empowering ARTist

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Social and Community Work

For much of his life, Kazim has done social and community work. This he has done growing up in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean, and wherever his travels take him. This includes New York, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. As even as far as the Seychelles, islands of the east coast of Africa, as well as Sweden, where Kazim also resides.

These are religious christian videos, he has produced:

Religious Christian Art For Sale

For your empowerment, or to share with others, you can purchase
Religious Christian Art here.

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